Meet Bill the "Buff Man" Quinn

Seahawk and Mariner fans have the old Kingdome’s Bill the "Beer Man", but Grant County, Washington drivers have Bill the Buff Man! You don’t get tagged with a beloved nickname unless you have earned it through a definitive passion for what you do.

In truth, the whole family wears the name like a badge of honor. Bill started detailing cars at age thirteen. His daughter Shae has been detailing since she was nine. His wife, Lynne, runs the BTBM janitorial division, BTBM Business Solutions, Inc.

Whether the result is buffing out a shine on an everyday drive, restoring the paint on a beloved classic, or prepping an exotic for a blue ribbon, Bill Quinn is also known for working his magic on motorcycles at his new West Coast Hogfather location, as well as on boats, semi-trucks, and even farm tractors for that matter!

His First Jaguar

Growing up around automotive body shops where he rebuilt engines and painted cars, the Buff Man detailed his first car in 1973, a Jaguar XJ belonging to Fred Meyers, founder of the popular Pacific Northwest supermarket chain, Freddy's. He cleaned one side of the car and a buddy cleaned the other side. They were paid .95 an hour and earned $1.00 tip, which they split. They were proud of that $2 but the thrill was in the chance to clean such a fine automobile!

Working for Genie Industries, a work lift and platform manufacturer for the construction industry for 26 years, the Buff Man began detailing at the professional level in 1990 when he opened his first part-time detailing business. He, Lynne, and Shae took in detailing work on weekends with Lynne working on the interior and Bill and Shae cleaning the exterior.

Getting Serious About Detailing

Finding great success, in 2009 the Buff Man saw an opportunity to pursue his hobby and lifelong passion on a full time basis, but he was sensing changes in the detailing industry and found himself lacking in a safe and proper method for removing scratches and cloudiness known as oxidation. He wanted to know more about an advanced detailing technique called multistage paint correction.

Bill says that ironically, he had been introduced to a crude method for using abrasives to perfect an automotive shine over 20 years ago from a mobile detailer who made a good living driving around in his old station wagon full of car cleaning chemicals that would probably break every EPA compliance regulation on record today! The old-timer never rinsed or washed away the dirt from a car surface before polishing it, using the grit of the dirt as a natural abrasive to clean the paint.

Advanced Certification in Paint Correction

As horrifying as that idea is to the Buff Man today with his extensive training in multistage paint correction, as a young man, he was amazed at how the man could make a terrible looking vehicle look great.

Now trained and certified by Detailing Success in Big Bear Lake, CA and a member of the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Air Force One Detailing Team, the Buff Man has mastered safe paint correction techniques and is known for working miracles on a car’s exterior!

At the annual meeting of the Detailing Success Network after SEMA in Las Vegas, Bill was made a Master Detailer - the highest level of detailing expertise available.

Today, Bill the Buff Man, The West Coast Hogfather, and BTBM Business Solutions, Inc. provide the most comprehensive cleaning services in Grant County with an automotive division, a janitorial division, both a marine and motorcycle division, and a wide range of commercial fleet, large equipment, and pressure washing services as well.

We look forward to introducing you to our high quality cleaning services!

Meet Manager, Shae Morrissey

When her dad, Bill the "Buff Man" Quinn first opened BTBM as a part-time business in 1990, Shae Morrissey was was just nine years old, working alongside both her dad and her mom, Lynne, to learn the art of detailing at a very young age.

In 2010, just a year after BTBM became a full time Quinn-family business, Shae finished college and moved from Seattle to Ephrata with her two sons, Cameron and Dylan, where she not only took an active role detailing, but became, according to Bill, the brains behind the business.

Managing the Ephrata location, Shae is in her own right, an International Detailing Association (IDA) certified detailer, specializing in classic automobiles.

During spring 2014, Morrissey joined Air Force One detailers, Christopher and Christian Parker of Detail Boss in Scottsdale, Arizona in honing her dry sanding skills in paint correction on some glitzy classics from Barrett Jackson Auctions.

One of very few female detailers in the country, Shae is somewhat known for her stylish pink Flex buffer and often works her magic in pink heels and lipstick, in sharp contrast to the rugged style of her male counterparts!

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