Save Time & Money on BTBM Minor Automotive Repair Services:

Certified in Windshield Repair

It comes out of nowhere driving these Washington highways and byways. Ping! A rock flies up from the road and the next thing you know you have what we call a "bulls-eye", or perhaps even a full-blown crack in your windshield, right in your line of vision!

Bulls-eyes are deceptively small, and the idea of replacing your whole windshield because of such an insignificant but offensive flaw will cost a fortune! But the bad news is ... even a small crack if left unchecked, will spread!

BTBM is Certified with the Innovative Glass Mechanix Windshield & Plate Glass Repair System

Before you take your vehicle to a body shop, we provide an easy and affordable way to repair any damage to your windshield in just a few minutes, and at less than a quarter of the cost of replacement. Most, if not all, insurance companies pay for the repair cost, and BTBM will even file your insurance claim for you!

Services start at $49.95. Contact us for a FREE Estimate on Windshield Repair!

Scratch & Rock Chip Repair (SCR)

Interstates and highways are the source of the most vicious attacks on your vehicle. All types of disgusting bugs and gnats splat against the front end of your car leaving their acidic guts to etch and pit the paint. Have you ever been behind a semi-truck throwing rocks and debris all over your front end, or a tarp-covered dump truck full of dirt and sand, streaming half its contents all over your hood?

A stinging handful of pea-sized dirt coming at you at 80 mph leaves deep and injurious scars in your paint, sometimes called road rash. Bugs, stone chips, muck, sand, abrasion, dirt, and pebbles flung all over your vehicle when driving stings your paint, plastics, and glass.

BTBM chip repair specialists use a proprietary three-step paint chip repair process by Dr. Colorchip for repairing small, deep scratches, dents, and dings that pit your paint. Much less expensive and time-consuming than an automotive body shop, our SCR process is an easy and effective way to touch-up minor automotive paint chips and road rash, while guaranteeing an exact OEM match to your car's finish.

Headlight Repair

Several years ago, car makers quit using glass to make headlights and switched to polycarbonate plastic, a material much easier to mold into a variety of shapes and designs. Unfortunately, the plastic created another problem for the detailing industry to solve!

The sun’s ultraviolet rays dry out the lightweight plastic headlight material, causing them to oxidize and form tiny micro-cracks that produce a yellowish haze. This haze clouds and dulls the headlight beam, which is obviously a hazard when driving at night and in foggy or inclement weather.

BTBM technicians come to the rescue with a headlight repair that takes less than an hour and improves visibility by 140 percent, without the cost of replacement.

Using a professional-grade headlight lens restoration system, we remove fine scratches and use a special polishing process that increases your headlight’s brightness by three to four times their damaged state.

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