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An Expanding BTBM Showroom & Retail Product Lines

They've come a long way baby! Bill the Buff Man moved into a much larger building from the small small shop where they started. The new location provides West Coast Hogfather with its own detailing space, and provides a clean atmosphere on the automotive side for applying Gtechniq ceramic coatings.

At the same time, BTBM opened a retail showroom! Although many of the car and truck accessories will be ordered through our catalog services for pick-up and installation, if needed; we also have a fully stocked showroom featuring nothing but the finest in professional car care products and accessories. BTBM doesn't sell anything we don't recommend or endorse ourselves.

WeatherTech Floor Mats

They call them WeatherTech Moments when breakfast-on-the-go becomes breakfast on the floor; when that ice cream cone suddenly goes prone; or your boots are made for tracking ... that is dirt, ice, snow ... you get the picture!

American-made from an odorless resin compound, no-mess WeatherTech floor and cargo mats won't curl, crack, or harden in sub-zero weather, but the raised edges and surface ridges trap water, road salt, mud, and sand so the debris stays contained within the mat, without seeping into the carpeting underneath. Made to eliminate skidding, they also have a non-stick surface so you can simply rinse or wipe away any debris.

WeatherTech mats are laser-cut and customized to fit your vehicle. You can find standard floor mats, floor liners, heavy-duty trimmed to fit cargo hold mats, truck bed liners, and trunk liners.

Titan Truck Equipment & Accessories

BTBM is now a reseller of thousands of Titan Truck Equipment & Accessories catalog items. Just come in, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy looking through truck equipment like liftgates, snowplows and spreaders, lighting, hoists, and toolboxes; and choose from exterior truck accessories like Tonneau covers, fender flares, lights, sidesteps and nerf bars, running boards, mudflaps, winches and grilles, ans well as interior accessories like seats, storage, and accessories. WHEW! You want it, the Buff Man can get it for you!

You can even find equipment and accessories for vans, trailers, and utility trucks!

SONAX Car Care

In between detailings, you're going to need some ongoing maintenance and upkeep on your vehicle. Sonax has emerged as one of the top choices for high performance, extreme, and premium class vehicles, and they are one of Bill the Buff man's favorite product lines..

Sonax offers a complete line of interior and exterior cleaning products for wheels and tires; fabrics and faux fabrics; metal; leather; and glass. Their compounds and polishes for paintwork and chrome are the best on the market!

Through intensive research and development, SONAX constantly improves and expands its product portfolio. Since 1950, the brand has been synonymous with the highest standard and constant advancement in the car care sector. A brand leader in Germany where it is headquartered, and throughout Europe, SONAX is known for its innovation, keen feel for market demands, and excellent product performance.

Buy your Sonax Car Care products at BTBM and you will not only be using an award-winning line of professional-grade products, but Buff Man technicians will provide hands-on demonstrations on how to properly apply our products to get maximum results!

PIAA Windshield Wiper Blades

Made of silicone rubber, PIAA wiper blades coat the windshield with silicone, which promote continuous water beading in inclement weather to ensure greater visibility. There are no hazy side effects, and because rain water beads up into droplets at low speeds, it is easy to remove it during ordinary wiping. At higher speeds, wind pressure pushes the water off the windshield, often without even requiring wiper use.

The silicone rubber is twice as durable as traditional rubber so they perform better over a longer period of time and maintain a sharp, clean edge that offers better wear resistance in all climates. PIAA also provides refills for our wipers.

Buy your PIAA wiper blades at Bill the Buff Man!

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