Detailing Means Cleaning, Maintaining, & Preserving Any Vehicle at Showroom Quality

While Bill the Buff Man will certainly help you maintain that new car sparkle, we are also proficient at restoring your used vehicle back to it's clean new looks, or reconditioning an old favorite into a classic new ride! Find out more about our Classic Restoration Services.

Using a number of deep cleaning methods and advanced paint correction techniques to restore cloudy paint back to its rich luster; remove scuffs and scratches from your hard plastic surfaces; and to eliminate the source of bacteria causing your backseat to smell like a dirty laundry basket; BTBM is more than a soapy bucket and sponge or express car wash that dusts you up and wipes you down for a few bucks. We use advanced automotive appearance technology to preserve your “new car” look; increase resell value; sustain your investment; and keep your automobile looking great, safe to drive, and comfortable to ride.

On the interior, BTBM can remove stale smoke, residual from a carsickness episode, or dampness and mildew caused from the last rainy day. We will even remove that unforgivable stain caused by a mishap with a double shot cafe mocha latte. Find out more about our Interior Detailing Services.

Only about 10% of vehicle owners have their vehicles professionally detailed, but once you experience the BTBM difference, you’ll become part of that privileged few who run their fingers along brilliantly polished paint, sit on freshly shampooed seats, and place their feet on dirt-free floor mats — every time they enter their vehicle.

Customized Services

Whether it's the beginning of a clean routine with a new car, a thorough cleaning of a slightly neglected used car, or the complete reconditioning of a classic, Bill the Buff Man designs detailing packages that cover all the bases.

From ongoing Mini and Mini+ details that keep a new car looking and smelling new; to the Buff Man 1-, 2-, and 3-stage paint correction that will spruce up that older model second family car or a teenager’s only ride to school. We offer full interior cleaning services tailored for the soccer mom with an SUV full of sticky-fingered children, or a busy traveling professional whose vehicle is a gigantic briefcase, suitcase, and lunchroom-on-the-go - all rolled into one!

If you drive a vintage classic, an exotic, luxury sedan, or road-rugged truck, BTBM uses the most advanced detailing technology, products, equipment, and proven techniques to help you maintain or restore your automotive, truck, boat, bike or RV investment!

Led by Air Force One Detailer Bill the "Buff Man" Quinn and his daughter Shae Morrissey, you can trust BTBM with your $15,000 Honda, your $30,000 Lincoln, your $60,000 Mercedes, or your $150,000 Bentley!

Gtechniq© Coatings

Be sure and visit our Protective Coatings pages to see how Bill the Buffman can give your newly detailed vehicle a shine that will last for years - not months - using Gtechniq Protective Coatings.

BTBM is the only detailer in Eastern Washington certified in the application of Gtechniq's revolutionary new coatings. You'll never go back to traditional waxes again!

Check out our many services in the menu to your right. To set up an appointment or for more information, please email us or call us at 509-754-5934.

We have an excellent selection of detailing packages available. You may also mix and match services, or add on to any package with standalone a la carte services.

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